Speed of Settlement. 
Efficient Capital.


Overview of Program

  • Protection for the impact of multiple storms on earnings and surplus.
  • Florida is divided into either 2 sections or 3 sections. If ANY of the anemometers in that section meet or exceed the pre-determined wind speeds during a national weather service Named Storm, the corresponding limit is then made available. Most significant storms have a high probability of triggering more than one section.
  • Coverage is available as either reinsurance or through the appropriately licensed entity in financial form. In Financial Form there is the potential for positive basis risk.
  • Coverage can inure to the Insurance Company, Captive, or Holding Company.
  • Suitability for Rating Agencies and Regulatory Bodies: Both already accept the carriers retaining this risk on their balance sheet, risk transfer should be viewed upon favorably
  • Transparency: Wind Speeds can be monitored in real time (Subject to cellular availability)
  • Rapid Settlement and no “Black Box” 

 Included in the program is a data license for Weatherflow’s Storm Print product. More information here.